More paying social networks!

July 17, 2010

Right, Ladies and Gents, I said I would keep you updated, and here it is!
New paying social networks are rife. Breezy Buzz seems like a pretty friendly place. It’s very similar to Swom, but cheaper to upgrade.($10 per month). You do, however have to upgrade if you seriously want to earn some cash. Points are also converted to cash at month-end, so the more points you collect, the bigger the cheque! Good to make new contacts as well. Here is the linky thingy:
There is also WomVegas, which is a pretty good place to advertise. As a free member, you earn points by playing games, chatting and recruiting new members. You have to be an upgraded member though, in order to earn cash.

Sweeva also seems to have taken off. Membership is growing pretty well. It isn’t strictly a social networking site, but combines that with a traffic exchange, so that you surf for points and such. I have to admit, I HATE surfing, but its nice to see the comments while you view a web page. Very useful for free site reviews. You can submit your site and tweak it according to the comments by other users. Strictly for business though, not for non-marketers!

I have another site that I am checking out, will get back to you on that when I have more details. That’s it for today folks, when I have more, I will get back to you. I just want to remind you though, you can make money with just about EVERYTHING on the internet. Where there is a will, there is a way. If you’re serious about making money, contact me and I will help you find the way that’s right for you.


Ridiculously easy (free) ways to make money online!

April 10, 2010

Let’s be honest – most human beings are lazy, and we all love the idea of something for nothing! Why else would so many of us play the lottery?

Well, it’s not quite as good as the lottery, but here are some ridiculously easy ways to make some money:

Social networks:

Many social networks now pay you to invite your friends, to read your mail, etc. Here are some:
SWOM (social world of online marketers) – pays you $15 for every person you sign up under you, and if you upgrade, you can earn even more.

They pay you to get your mates to join, you earn commission if others you signed up shop, and if you live in the USA or Canada, you can make money from the mailbox-cashbox, where you get paid to receive marketing mail. Once you get the mail, just enter the code, and you will get paid! Doesn’t sound too difficult. Thirteen year olds are making money with this! AND some people report earning $ 900 and more per month!

Geostring isn’t a social network as such, it’s more a way to build your list, but they pay you $ 10 to join, and they pay you for every person who joins under you.

YourNight is similar to peoplestring, except they allow you to have 5 profiles – personal, business, dating, etc. They are linked to some major players in the online shopping industry (Amazon, Walmart, to name a few), and they offer discount vouchers for EVERYTHING. You also get paid for people you get to sign up.

Sokule is great, especially if you are marketing online, but you do need to upgrade to get access to the best features, like writing one post and sending it to over 30 different social networks with one click. They also pay you for each member who signs up under you.

There is reportedly another network, but I haven’t checked it out yet – Prizelive.

Directmatches is another social site, where you can make friends or just market, that pays you. In two days I made over fifty contacts, so it is highly responsive. You do have to be an upgraded member to earn any money, though.

APSense is also great. In half an hour I made two contacts. They also send you emails with a pay link, so you earn five cents for every email, but they only come once a week or so. They also pay you for referrals and such, so I would recommend adding this to your stable of social networks.

Other things you can do:

Can you do a minimum of five internet searches a day? Great – then you can make money! My Look is a new search engine that gives you shares for each search you do. They then pay you dividends according to your shares.

The Powerbar club allows you to view ads, and vote for the ads, and pays you for your vote. It also pays you for referrals. Unfortunately, the ad voting part is only available to US and Canada residents.

Data Network Affiliates pays you $ 2 to enter 20 car tags per month, and they pay you two bucks for the first 20 tags entered by people you signed up.

Well, that’s it for now, folks. As I find more, I will update you. Over and out…

Pick up some quick cash

April 2, 2010

Let’s face it – the economy sucks right now. Everywhere we hear about people being laid off, and prices just keep rising. Unless you earn a large salary,or have tons of money squirreled away in the bank, you’re bound to feel the pinch. Most of us have tried to cut down our expenses and live more responsibly with our income, but if you have a crappy salary to start off with, it doesn’t help much. We were already struggling to survive, and this recession has NOT helped.

Good news is, you can always pick up some quick cash by selling your old junk. Most of us have a ‘hoarding’ mentality, so there’s plenty of old, unused items laying around, but you don’t always know where or how to sell it. Try this place – It’s probably the world’s largest boot sale – all kinds of new and second hand stuff is sold everyday. Just list your ‘junk’, and you’ll soon find your junk is another man’s treasure! (If you’re wise, you’ll join as a free member, then you can earn some more moola!)

If you’re really in debt, like me, and always have those pesky collectors breathing down your neck, DON’T just ignore them and hope they will go away. THEY WON’T!!! We owed R 2,000 on our credit card (one of them!) The outstanding balance, three years later is R 10,000! Rather get debt counselling, or make an agreement to pay off the outstanding amount, and then STICK to it. Here’s a great resource for for debt problems – htt:// They offer debt reduction, and can even help you live rent or bond free for up to a year. They can also help restore your credit rating or get a home loan or loan, even if your credit is bad. You can also save on insurance premiums. If you’re struggling, at least just check them out! You have nothing to lose, but you could gain some extra bucks every month!