Ridiculously easy (free) ways to make money online!

Let’s be honest – most human beings are lazy, and we all love the idea of something for nothing! Why else would so many of us play the lottery?

Well, it’s not quite as good as the lottery, but here are some ridiculously easy ways to make some money:

Social networks:

Many social networks now pay you to invite your friends, to read your mail, etc. Here are some:
SWOM (social world of online marketers) – pays you $15 for every person you sign up under you, and if you upgrade, you can earn even more. http://advertisingfreeway.com/link/4787

Peoplestring- http://advertisingfreeway.com/link/4784
They pay you to get your mates to join, you earn commission if others you signed up shop, and if you live in the USA or Canada, you can make money from the mailbox-cashbox, where you get paid to receive marketing mail. Once you get the mail, just enter the code, and you will get paid! Doesn’t sound too difficult. Thirteen year olds are making money with this! AND some people report earning $ 900 and more per month!

Geostring isn’t a social network as such, it’s more a way to build your list, but they pay you $ 10 to join, and they pay you for every person who joins under you. http://monstertrafficstore.com/link/246

YourNight is similar to peoplestring, except they allow you to have 5 profiles – personal, business, dating, etc. They are linked to some major players in the online shopping industry (Amazon, Walmart, to name a few), and they offer discount vouchers for EVERYTHING. You also get paid for people you get to sign up. http://monstertrafficstore.com/link/248

Sokule is great, especially if you are marketing online, but you do need to upgrade to get access to the best features, like writing one post and sending it to over 30 different social networks with one click. They also pay you for each member who signs up under you. http://monstertrafficstore.com/link/250

There is reportedly another network, but I haven’t checked it out yet – Prizelive.

Directmatches is another social site, where you can make friends or just market, that pays you. In two days I made over fifty contacts, so it is highly responsive.http://www.eruptionads.com/link/462/. You do have to be an upgraded member to earn any money, though.

APSense is also great. In half an hour I made two contacts. They also send you emails with a pay link, so you earn five cents for every email, but they only come once a week or so. They also pay you for referrals and such, so I would recommend adding this to your stable of social networks.

Other things you can do:

Can you do a minimum of five internet searches a day? Great – then you can make money! My Look is a new search engine that gives you shares for each search you do. They then pay you dividends according to your shares. http://mylook.com.join.php?x=25509

The Powerbar club allows you to view ads, and vote for the ads, and pays you for your vote. It also pays you for referrals. Unfortunately, the ad voting part is only available to US and Canada residents. http://115990.powerbarclub.com

Data Network Affiliates pays you $ 2 to enter 20 car tags per month, and they pay you two bucks for the first 20 tags entered by people you signed up.http://monstertrafficstore.com/link/251

Well, that’s it for now, folks. As I find more, I will update you. Over and out…


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